Industrial Coatings

We can provide expert advice on the right solution for your specific requirements, whether you want to clean grease easily from a garage floor or maximise the hygiene in a food processing plant. When you’ve made an informed decision, our specialist teams of approved applicators will deliver a professional quality result.

We work closely with leading manufacturers such as International, Carboline, Allnex and Resene Engineered. This enables us to keep up-to-date with the latest developments so that your job benefits from the latest products and application techniques.

2 Pack coatings & Epoxy coatings

Suitable for a wide variety of substrates and industrial premises, these provide a tough protective finish, excellent durability from harsh environmental conditions or cleaners, and are serviceable and visually attractive. There is a specialised 2 Pack or Epoxy Coating to suit most situations.

Our Experience

We’re true specialists in industrial coating systems. Our experience spans:

Industrial workshop floors and pits

Factory walkway lines

Handrails and platforms

Garage floors

Dairy sheds

Steel decks

Meat processing plants

Milk and cheese processing plants

Our team can offer you top quality workmanship and results

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