Residential buildings and commercial buildings require a different approach so we have specialist painting teams for each. Our teams are amongst the best you can get, with expert knowledge of all brush, roller, and spray techniques. From preparation through to completion, there are no short cuts to a top quality finish.

As members of the Resene Eco Decorator programme and Master Painters New Zealand, we work closely with leading paint manufactures such as Resene, Dulux, and Wattyl. Our up-to-date knowledge enables us to identify the best products and processes for your specific needs – whether residential or commercial, interior or exterior.

Interior/Exterior painting
Our expert knowledge helps you to make an informed decision on the best solution and application technique for your particular job. We always aim to provide the optimal outcome to help protect your home or premises for years to come.

Wallpaper hanging
Experience, technique, and a real eye for detail are essential to deliver a professional result that demonstrates your taste and the skill of our team. Whatever you choose – lining papers, reinforced glass fabric protection papers, textured, patterned, flocked, foiled, anaglyptas, or vinyls – our team will create a quality outcome.

Roof painting and maintenance
Whatever your roof material – corrugated iron, profiled iron, concrete tiles, metal, or ceramic tiles – we can provide the complete suite of painting and maintenance services. Keep your roof waterproof, and maximise its lifetime and street appeal.

Moss & Mould Treatment
We have specialist treatments for concrete, brick, blockwork, timber, paths, steps, driveways, roofs, fences, and decks. These help to keep your surfaces looking clean and fresh, lengthen their lifetime, and reduce the chance of injury from slips and falls.

Our residential teams have an equally solid track record with private property. No job is too big or too small – from new homes and renovations to commercial buildings, we can take care of it all. Contact us today for friendly expert advice on residential painting or commercial painting.


Our commercial teams have undertaken a vast array of successful projects for:

Hotels & Motel complexes
Retail premises
Shopping malls
Public amenities
Swimming pools
Restaurants & Bars
Fast food outlets


We have a professional, experienced team

Who take pride in delivering on quality, service and budget. You can rest assured your project will be finished to the highest standard.

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