Specialised Coatings

Whatever your need, the wide range of specialised coatings for interior and exterior surfaces including walls, floors, decks, machinery, plant, and other equipment means there is a solution for you.

Fibreglass reinforcing

A durable, hygienic, seamless, and easy-to-clean surface for areas that need a waterproof membrane. We provide the full range of bitumen torch on, membrane, and reinforced fibreglass systems. Typical applications are commercial kitchens, freezing works, slaughter houses, dairy factories, chemical processing plants, and pharmaceutical filling and processing areas.

Floor levelling compounds (FLC)

These create a smooth level surface suitable for floor coverings such as carpet tiles, vinyl, ceramic tiles, or epoxy floor systems. FLCs are fast-setting with rapid strength gain and are resistant to cracking. They are ideal for rough concrete floors, or for levelling or refurbishing floors.


Used in commercial and industrial environments to level uneven surfaces or where surfaces require ‘falls’. Many different grouting types are available but high strength quick-drying grouting is the perfect structural anchor under machine foundations, base plates, pipe rack feet, and silo bases.


If your office space, classroom or meeting room is too noisy and you are struggling to get your point across or be productive, installing noise reducing acoustic panels could be the answer. Rangers can can install quality insulation panels which will reduce noise, improve temperature control and provide colour and display space.

Make the right decision..

Use our expert knowledge to help identify the most appropriate specialist coating for your job. We also provide an experienced team of approved applicators to create the top quality professional result that you require.

Our team can offer you top quality workmanship and results

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