Specialist coating systems

Treatments include fibreglass reinforcing for waterproof membranes, floor-levelling compounds, grouting and sealants for industrial applications such as processing plants, commercial kitchens and swimming pools.

Fibre-glass reinforcing – waterproof membrane options
– Durable – being flexible, yet strong, impact resistant and hard wearing
– Hygienic and non porous – with it’s smooth, seamless finish, fibreglass reinforcing makes an easy to clean surface limiting the growth of bacteria. It is able to withstand various harsh substances such as blood, acids and alkalis
– Seamless – applying fibreglass reinforcing in situ reduces the amount of joins that could potentially fail
– Commercial kitchens
– Meat processing plants
– Slaughterhouses
– Dairy factories
– Chemical processing plants
– Pharmaceutical filling and processing areas
– Pools, decks, walkways and exterior surfaces
Floor-levelling compounds – where surfaces require ‘fall’ or relevelling
– Creates a smooth and level surface
– Rapid strength gain
– Resistant to cracking
– Form ramps and falls between different floor heights
– Fast application and setting allows for larger areas to be completed in a quicker time
– Can be applied from .5mm – 50mm
– Suitable for under floor coverings such as carpet tiles, vinyl, ceramic tiles
– Epoxy floor systems
Sealants – wide range of products for specific applications
– Clean room approved sealants
– Epoxy flexible and rigid jointing sealant systems for use where movement and expansion maybe present
– Can be used in wet areas such as pools, bathrooms and tanking
– Good chemical resistance to some acids and alkalis
– Panel joins and pipe penetrations through walls
– Hygiene areas
– Floor joins, drain surrounds
– High strength jointing for floors and tilt slabs
Grouting – where high strength void filling is required
– High strength and low shrinkage make grouting a perfect option for packing under load bearing structures and when used as a “dry pack”
– Quick drying
– Suitable for structural anchors when in a pourable state
– Can be pumped when in a fluid state
– Machine foundations
– Base plates
– Pipe rack feet
– Silo bases
– Tilt panels

Other specialised treatments include decorative finishes and concrete cutting, grinding, sealing, chasing, polishing and exposed aggregate surfaces.

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Our professional, experienced team offer a wide variety of services.
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